June 19, 2012

The Dirtbombs “Crazy For You” from upcoming (and long-awaited) bubblegum record on In the Red.

Yes, Mick Collins = Eddy Grant!

June 10, 2010


June 10, 2010

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, 1989

Promo photo courtesy Elektra Records.

May 14, 2010

Roz Croney “Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On”

Roz Croney - Queen Of The Limbo lp (Dauntless 4309 Mono, 6309 Stereo)

According to one ebay lister:

An odd and ultra rare item with SUN RA and several ARKESTRA members backing limbo queen ROZ CRONEY.

This obscure session took place at small Mastertone Studios on 42nd street between 6th and 7th ave, New York City, in 1963.

Following members of the SUN RA ARKESTRA are joining great ROZ CRONEY on this unique record:

__SUN RA: organ, piano

__JOHN GILMORE: bass clarinet, soprano sax

__LARRY LUCIE: guitar

__PAT PATRICK: flute, baritone sax

__MARSHALL ALLEN: alto saxophone




These are the tracks:

__It´s Limbo Time

__Limbo Like Me

__Bagpipe Limbo

__Doggie In The Window

__The Limbo Queen

__Everyday Limbo

__Kachink Limbo

__Loop De Loop Limbo

__Bossa Nova Limbo

__How Does Lulu Limbo

__What Makes The Limbo Rock

__Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On

Recorded: 1963

***As far as I know this is the only longplayer by ROZ CRONEY who only recorded some impossible to find obscure 7 1/2 inches in the late fifties and early sixties.

Not listed in Rockin’ Records guide…

this just in from When Sleeping Beauty Sang Blog (http://gaaak.blogspot.com/2006/10/how-low-can-you-go.html)

"After a search lasting two years, this heretofore legendary appearance by Sun Ra and Members of the Arkestra was identified by John Szwed and James Wolf. Ed Bland (producer, arranger and conductor of this LP) told John Szwed that Sunny was hired to write lead sheets for Curly Williams, who contributed much of the music on the disc and whistled the tunes to Sunny. He recalls Ra playing keyboards and the Arkestra’s saxophonists participating. Sunny can be heard on tack piano (an instrument he was not otherwise known to play), and more recognizably on organ. Marshall and John are clearly present; the use of morrow (playing few, sharply articulated notes as to avoid the extreme bends characteristic of Marshall’s home-made instrument) is particularly striking." (Robert Campbell and Chris Trent, from The Earthly Recordings Of Sun Ra’, 2nd edition)

Yes, How Much Is That Doggie In the Window Limbo is good, too.

February 27, 2010

FU-2 - Maybe (1977, United Kingdome)

FU-2 not F.U.2 but both from the U.K. so much confusion could be had if you didn’t notice that these blokes aren’t olden, wearing headcoats.  Helen Of Troy, the soudafrikaner dwarf and fashionista, is all up in the mix.  Loverly!

February 26, 2010

CHAINSAW - Polaride Pictures (1978, The Americas)

Fake punk rock by older gentler mens is usually more better to mine ears that Allah the turds the sophisticated tape winders are flogging about in yon blogosphere.  I imagine this song playing on and on while scarf n stache wearing late 30s L.A. bros are promising future Oui punk shoots to pouty runaways and future real life stand-in whores for the Desi Arnez Jr. biopic Vice Squad.  Blow and Schlitz and flyers for Snuky Tate all ages shows stuck on the wood paneled walls, such a promise, such sexy diseases.  The sneers in the song, the fake and unpalatable contempt, thee I wish I had some sleazy cooze to take pics of heavy vibe is fab and brill Johnny O’Rotten stylee.  Hopp3 said that I would like this song, LIKE this song, whatever man, I’ll get around to listening to it eventually, oh fuck, stuck.  Love it.  “See you later………if evah!”

The pic of the sleeve gently borrowed from the WWW has a stain on it.  Class acts.

February 24, 2010

In 1976 Zamfir was looking for a new direction. Helene had left him, and it seemed interest in the panflute was waning. As documented in his autobiography, Binecuvântare şi blestem (“Blessing and Curse”), (Arad: Mirador, 2000,) Gheorghe had been hanging out with the burgeoning Bucharest punks, who encouraged him to try moving in a different direction. Though he doesn’t mention it in his book, we believe this was a result of the influence of those punk rockers.

DELIRIUM - Gheorghe Zamfir

Zamfir -
(courtesy Hoppe Around The Globe)

February 17, 2010

I prefer twins.

February 17, 2010

TIGHT FITS “Pink Cake” the B side to the All Balls 7” on Rat City Records from 1995.  Dutch said about the song back then, “remember in elementary school when you’d get some shitty pink cake at lunch in the cafeteria?  Maybe this song is about that too.”  Agree fully.

February 15, 2010

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